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INTEGRATE JAVA TUNNEL SOLUTION IN VOIPSWITCH We are first to bring a stable Java Tunnel solution to establish Linksys device in OMAN & UAE network.

Java Tunnel Server-Computer
Java Tunnel Client-Computer

WESTERNDATA are providing java tunnel for blockage network like OMNAN and UAE. It is working two different ways one APS (vtc.exe) for client computer where connecting Linksys devise and it’s working with specific tunnel port. And another one APS (Javatunnel.exe) are implementing in VoIPswitch server computer remote desktop.
Client server traffic on TCP/IP networks is an attractive target for hackers. Linux and openSSH provide a simple and effective means of encrypting this traffic. First this article will outline security exposures, and then effective counter measures for protecting the network packets are illustrated. Linux and ssh can also protect Windows clients with the methods presented.

Java Tunnel Install

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