VoipSwitch License Verification

Type your IP details below and hit enter to verify that the Voipswitch Software you are using is our proprietary software and not a pirated version unlicensed by us.

When you enter your IP details we will verify the validity of the server IP and whether the Voipswitch Software you are using is owned and legitimately licensed by us. If you are using a pirated cracked version of our software you will not have the full benefits of our software, including quality of service, updates and support. It is also illegal to use pirated cracked versions of our software.

We strictly recommended to our valuable customer attention once before place of your order please check of our product version and specification. If all is as your requires meet then please an order confirmation towards.

If any customer will be facing problem on payment gateway through our website he/she must required contacting with us via our contact form or joint on live chat.

When using any of the westerndata server services, please remember that the most updated version of these terms of services always applies. In some countries, these services may be provided by our local partner. If so, you will be asked to accept the providers own terms of services, which will supersede the westerndata server terms of service in case of conflict.

If prohibited by the law of your country to use our products because you are under the age limit or just because our products are not allowed in your country, please don´t use them.

Before using any of the westerndata server, please make sure u have read & agreed to the privacy policy as following

Quality: westerndata server will try best to provide the westerndata server> products as less disruption as possible. However expectation to provide services without disruptions, delay or other imperfections at every time is not guaranteed. Westerndata server products will be transmitted through public internet lines and the public switched telephone network (“pstn”), there may be power outages or internet service disruption and you may experience some disruptions in the westerndata server products, e.g. packet loss and delay which will interfere with the quality of your communication.

Improvement and maintenance of technology: technical features can be changed in order to keep pace with the latest demands and technological developments or to comply with any regulations. Westerndata server may also have to repair, improve, and/or upgrade the westerndata server products and this may require us to restrict, limit, suspend, interfere and/or interrupt the westerndata server products.

Credit balance: to use payable westerndata server products you need a positive and sufficient credit balance. Deposit sufficient credit in your account through your debit or credit card, paypal, promotional voucher, prepaid card or other means which may be made available by westerndata server. All rights to stop accepting debit or credit cards from one or more issuers have been reserved by westerndata server restrictions. There is not guarantee to use credit balance to purchase all westerndata server products. Certain westerndata server products may have to be paid separately.

Refund policy: you can request a refund for unused and unexpired westerndata server products or unused westerndata server credit at any time, by submitting a support request to customer support. Refund requests carried out through other means shall not be eligible for a refund. No refunds shall be given for products or credit that is not directly acquired online from westerndata server (e.g. vouchers, referral bonuses or pre-paid cards are not refundable),

Westerndata server reserves the right to deny repetitive refund requests (more than twice for any given type of westerndata server products). Upon a duly submitted refund request, westerndata server will refund you the credit balance of your westerndata server credit. Where you have used less than one unit of prevail currency of your westerndata server credit, your westerndata server credit will be refunded in full. Upon a duly submitted refund request, westerndata server will refund you on a pro rata basis for the unused period of subscription of the westerndata server products. All refunds shall be paid either through the original payment method used, or any other reasonable payment method to be determined by westerndata server, and addressed to the person that deposited the credit initially or your westerndata server credit shall be adjusted accordingly.

Duration: the agreement will be effective as of the date of your acceptance thereof or as of the date of your first use of any of westerndata server products, and will remain effective until terminated by either party.

Termination: if the fees are not paid by the due date, your account will be considered delinquent and services may be suspended. You may terminate your agreement with us at any time. Without limiting other remedies, westerndata server or its affiliates may limit, suspend, or terminate your use of westerndata server products and software, prohibit access to westerndata server ‘s website, remove hosted content, and take technical and legal steps to keep you off westerndata server ‘s website if we think that you are in breach of these terms of service, creating problems, possible legal liabilities, acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies, infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities, if you purchased westerndata server credit from an unauthorized reseller, or for other similar reasons, with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts. Westerndata server shall effect such termination by preventing your access to your account and to the westerndata server services. If you provided a valid email address, westerndata server may provide notice to you by mail.

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